Freelance Jobs For Beginners: Here Are 6 Ideas Build Your Path [in 2021]

Along with links to a resource where you can learn it for free.

The pandemic has forever affected our lives. Some of us have been sick, know someone with the virus, or would have lost loved ones. Most of us had our lives uprooted and our income negatively affected in some way.

But there have been some positives (if you’ve been self-quarantining).

The pandemic sped up the Digital Economy. Now, it’s easier than ever to start an additional freelance job online.

And it’s easier than ever to craft your freelancer career. You no longer need to climb the corporate ladder. You can work at your job and design your path, then fire your boss when you’re ready.

Sometimes, we’re not sure where to start. We feel like we lack the skills, or we have too many interests and get some analysis paralysis. There’s no right or wrong way to start a freelance career. You need to get up off the sidelines. By not starting anything at all, you’re wasting time and losing money. The good thing about it is you can always pivot to the services that maximize your talents.

That said, if you’re looking for some quick ideas on freelance writing jobs for beginners, I got you. These ten are relatively easy to learn and start. When you go through them, think about the things you do at your current job or the things people ask you for help with. If you can find some overlap, then this is where you should start first.

1. Freelance Writing

Photo by Dan Counsell on Unsplash

Blog and content writing is my first foray into freelancing and is the main service I provide to this day. I stumbled into it, but I realize its power from an influencer standpoint, a Marketing standpoint, and a Sales standpoint. Freelance writing is an incredibly broad business like Copywriting, Press Releases, Blog posts, and more, so you should narrow it down to a niche.

But, in essence, anything people want to read about, you can write about. If you have a good grasp of language and grammar and love to get your thoughts out there, then think about becoming a writer.


2. Graphic design

From logos to color schemes to graphics, there is an abundance of design elements that you can do freelance. At the same time, you may need to invest money into quality software and invest time into developing a distinctive style. Most online businesses will need graphic design at some point, so developing your skill towards a niche will likely make you popular, give you a positive reputation and receptive audience. You can even start to sell templates on sites like Gumroad or Etsy.


3. Learn Web Design using a CMS

Photo by WebFactory Ltd on Unsplash

To be a web designer, you do not necessarily need to have studied for years. Some web designers just have a greater than average understanding of common website platforms, such as WordPress and WebFlow, and a talent for making them look nice.

I learned web design from diving into WordPress and other website builders.

You could build a freelance career updating pages, redesigning websites, managing websites, or building WordPress sites from scratch. If you have an eye for design and technology, this may be for you.


4. Become a Virtual assistant

Being a virtual assistant is exactly what it sounds like. Virtual assistants often complete small tasks for businesses or business owners regularly. These can be simple to complex functions, and depending on workload, and virtual assistants can work for many people at once.

Becoming a VA calls on the skills you’re already leveraging at your current job, from managing email, working on spreadsheets, creating presentations, and more.


5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO helps to increase traffic to websites by using specific terms. It is often essential to the success of businesses, so if you are skilled in this, and can show proven results becoming a specialist in Search Engine Optimization will provide you with a lucrative freelance career with just a few clients.

SEO is the high-income skill I took on as my second freelance service, and it’s here to stay (as long as we have search engines).


6. Try Your Hand At Photography

Photo by Lilly Rum on Unsplash

If you have an eye for photography, then a freelance photography career is a flash option for you. This is a great example of business based on the monetization of your hobbies.

People will need professional photographs taken of events, weddings, products, and branding but may not know where to look. Marketing yourself as a niche, local, and skilled photographer could be a good freelance option for you.

This one would need some start-up equipment but that investment can pay off in short order.



Choose one and start to experiment with different product offerings while expanding your craft. I believe the best route is to get paid to learn so take on one client at a discount so you can make mistakes. You don’t want to be making $100 mistakes on a $5000 client. Soon, you’ll craft your own path and freelancing will open up doors you never thought were possible.

Want to start earning an additional income as a freelancer? Learn the basics with my book, The 2K Freelancer.

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